What’s behindkatieseyes???

behindkatieseyes is a blog page dedicated to the, sometimes, random ramblings of me, Katie, and how I view the world behind my eyes.

In college a few years ago I was in a class called “Effective Communication”.  I was on a Human Services track at the time because I was working for a sober living facility and “thought” that’s what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.  Little did I know how hard and stressful working in that field really is.  I would soon find out….I would later change my major.

However, that’s not the point here!

The point is…..I was in this class and I, like most of my fellow classmates, learned that I did not know how to communicate, effectively (being the key word) with people.  We learned much that semester, but the biggest thing I took away was that everyone has a different perception of life; their own and in general.  The analogy my professor used was – “Think of it like this.  Everyone is watching a movie.  The movie screen is the back of their eyes. So, no two people end up seeing the same movie.  It’s a private showing and it’s filtered by, not only, colors and sounds, but life experiences, belief systems, conditioning, mental health, opinions, judgements, and so on.”

WHAT???  You mean that people don’t see things the same exact way that I do???


From that day on I decided to allow people to be people.  I allowed people to have their opinions, to learn at their own pace, be entitled to their own belief systems, heal in their own time…….and I stopped forcing people to always agree with me.  That’s one of the beauties of this life…..none of us are created alike; not even identical twins.  We are unique – like Data from Star Trek Next Generation.  (eluding to my nerdy side….hehehe)

Hence – behindkatieseyes was born because it helps me remember that these are just my opinions, my judgements, my perceptions from the movie that I’m watching from the back of my eyes, and I know that my movie won’t inspire everyone.  I know my movie isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.  I know my movie isn’t always a comedy….sometimes it’s a drama….and sometimes it’s just a total FLOP!  BUT – if my movie helps just one person out there, inspires one person, makes one person laugh, makes one person feel not so alone………Then it was worth it!!!!


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